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I AM … (Agile) CPD OVERVIEW* CPD Title Alteryx Date(s) 2nd Jan’21 – 24th Jan’21 Undertaken CPD 1000 Weighting *The above table is not included in the word count.

CPD Rationale and Goals Alteryx is a platform that makes the entire analytical process a seamless experience, which offers 40+ tools. Operations of using those tools are as easy as drag-and-drop to apply in the predictiveanalytics to the simple and reliable data-sets. It is the only quick-to-implement end-to-end data analytics platform for your organization that allows data-scientists and analysts alike to solve business problems faster than you ever thought possible, so they can utilize the tools of predictiveanalytics for robust intuition which includes analysis like regression and modelling like Autoregressive-Integrated-Moving-Average into the areas such as consumer-&-sales product. Alteryx have made predictive-analytics more approachable and agile. As per my previous experience in corporate was related to client-services-&-delight, I do not have knowledge in analytical-tools. I was keen to study our Predictive-Analytics & Principles of BusinessAnalytics modules, as Dr. Pallonetto & Dr. Ojo introduced us to Python, R-Programming, Advanced Excel & Alteryx and thought us to use it in our Business-Analytics. Big-Data can be done in Alteryx over R & Python, so I prefer doing it in Alteryx. I have finished learning Alteryx and applied for the certification course. Also, I have attempted Python and Excel courses online through Udemy and completed with the certification. My learning and adopting latest technologies making me agile to achieve my career goals.

Reconstruct the Knowledge: Alteryx is very useful to resolve the business problems, to view the future predictions and many more things to see according to the analytical perspective. Alteryx is a American based company which uses multiple computer software’s. The company has multiple product line which is used for the data-science and analytical tools. The Alteryx is designed to create latest analytics approachable to the individuals who works on data. The Alteryx software was released back in 2006 which was unified spatial and non-spatial data environment for creating analytics tools, processes and applications. Alteryx was in the Forbes cloud list and it secured 24 th position out of 100. Alteryx is a language which helps you to fight with the data scientist problems and help resolve the problems with multiple tools. It helps to Prepare the proper data because many a times the data which we have is not clean with missing values or null rows or columns, without removing null data you cannot get the proper output. It helps to design the data to get the perfect output without any problems and get the preferred outcome by using machine learning tools such as Decision Tree, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, SVM, Naïve Bayes, kNN and Random Forest. Explore the data and get the perfect missing values and connect with the models to get the predictive output with the best accuracy. The data has to be scaled to drive the culture that defines and shape the future

predictions. There is never a limit in the data which has to be performed on the software but can vary with the time to get the out with high configuration systems. I have been agile by working on Alteryx and learning the software languages so as to help me in my future run. I am also in the process to explore the Alteryx tool more deeply to work on major data to get the best outputs and resolving the problems in the business. Alteryx is one of the greatest platform which helps to enables us to automate the future with all the types of data like Marketing Data, Accounting Data, CRM Data, Operational Data and Financial Data which can be connected all together to portray the perfect picture to everybody who all want to improve our business strategies, building business plans and get the profitable output to the organization to help get the better tomorrow. I have also taken multiple technologies into my account to adopt the knowledge and understand the business problems more widely.

Reconstruct the Self: The major impact on being able to be agile for my career aspirations has came to a next stage as I have learnt and adopted multiple technology which I was unaware about as per my past knowledge. I have learnt to be agile to achieve my future goals and helped myself to push and understand to get out of my comfort zone and be in a complete different level where I need to be more energetically active towards my learning goals to reach towards my goals. I have taken courses which I need to learn to apply in my Masters program courses like Alteryx, Python, R Programming & Advanced Excel out of which I have completed learning 3 languages thoroughly through Alteryx community and Udemy platform. While learning and taking the course online I saw myself very agile to learn and to be well known to the specific courses so as to be agile and approachable in my career. I have completed the certification course for all 3 out of which I was not able to pass the Alteryx test but I will keep on trying so as to achieve the required score as I have just learnt the complete language and also I have a result of 28.2% which is not enough to pass but I think I will progress and finish the certification course as I will deep dive into the topic again. I have achieved my basic/initial goal to being agile in my career and I hope, I progress with the same pace to achieve my all career goals the same way I have completed this technology goals to portray my experience and resolving multiple confusion for myself. Learning technology is a necessity in todays date as people expects to see the skills in you apart from your study background. The firms or the organizations do expect a candidate with the degree but with a complete package full of skills that can handle multiple technologies to work on their business model. They expect an agile individual who is keen to learn the new processes and with the basic knowledge of being approachable which has gave me more inspiration to be agile and select my career according to my knowledge as well as skills. I am excelling myself more into the technology to be more skilful and grow myself into and excellent individual.

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